Instagram Interview: Quintin Lake

November 18, 2015

This week we’re talking to architectural photographer and long distance walker Quintin Lake as he sets out on his latest photographic adventure to walk and photograph the coastline of Britain.   Pagham Harbour III, Sussex.    In April this year you started out on your latest project the perimeter, an epic 10,000km walk around the coast of Great Britain. How has this project come about? I’d previously walked and photographed the Thames from its source in Oxfordshire to St Pauls, in London, this was the first time I’d combined walking and photographic project like this. The Thames is not a grand river as a photographic subject but by walking its length I noticed the subtleties in how the water surface... Continue Reading →

How it works: Traditional Flint and Steel

September 14, 2015

  We make no bones about it - the Elddon Tinderbox has to be one of our favourite products. Part of the fascination is that this ancient and apparently simple technology would have lit fires from the Iron Age to the early industrial revolution. But how does it actually work?     Made in the forests of Lapland the Elddon Tinderbox gives you the tools and knowledge to learn an age-old traditional fire lighting technique. Along with a selection of dry tinder including fire fungus and char cloth, the kit includes traditional fire steel and pieces of flint.  It takes a few minutes to find the right angle needed to create sparks. A short, sharp, tap downward on a sharp... Continue Reading →


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